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About Us

Welcome to HOPE for Adolescents and Youth

HOPE for Adolescents and Youth was registered in 2017, to respond to the needs of adolescents and youth in marginalized and vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. HOPE’s strategic focus is to facilitate a platform for young people to realise and unleash their generational potential and achieve lasting positive change in their lives.

HOPE seeks to empower adolescents and youth by providing appropriate information and skills so that they make informed decisions, thus grooming a new generation of healthy young people who have both hard and soft skills; are gender sensitive, and are able to make the right choices and decisions; and actively participate in the economic sphere

  • 1. Integrity
  • 2. Inclusion
  • 3. Innovation
  • 4. Team Work
  • 5.Communication


Empowered and emancipated young people enjoying transformed lives.

Why Choose Us

  • 1. Integrity

    Ensuring accountability to the communities we serve, partners we work with and ourselves. Expected Behavior : Honesty, reliability, responsibility, transparency and accountability.

  • 2. Inclusion

    Embracing diversity, actively including differences in culture, race, sex, age, etc. Expected Behavior: Treating people equally and with respect including vulnerable populations

  • 3. Innovation

    Application of better solutions that meet new requirements and unarticulated needs. Expected Behavior: Being creative and accommodative to new ideas or solutions required to solve problems

  • 4. Team Work

    Working together with mutual respect & tolerance to achieve desired results. Expected Behavior: Sharing knowledge, skills, wisdom, experiences and successes. Supportive of each other’s efforts through mentoring, coaching and counseling

  • 5. Communication

    The art of interacting with and reaching out to communities, development partners and ourselves and seeking understanding and being understood. Expected Behavior: Proactive communication; Active listening; Receiving and giving complete and constructive feedback

Our Mission

To facilitate a platform for young people’s voice and enable them to realise and unleash their potential to achieve lasting positive change in their lives and communities through innovative application of knowledge and skills.

Gender Sensitivity

We believe in the removal of all types of discriminations, segmentations and stereotypes

Respect for human rights

The respect for human rights is held at the top of our priorities as servants of development work.

Humility (unhu / ubuntu)

We will respect the community and will not be confrontational in all our work.